Get Fit And Eat Clean

I am Adomaa

 I am married with three(3) children, my oldest is 16 years old ,the second child is 12 years old and my youngest is 6 years old. Inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle is my goal. It is a tough decision to get up one day and say to yourself “I am changing my unhealthy lifestyle to live a healthier lifestyle and look different than I look “. It is an amazing and honest lifestyle decision to make to yourself. I am a woman that weighed 110 kg, once I made the decision to lose weight  and live a healthier lifestyle things started falling into place in terms of health issues. I made this decision to change my unhealthier lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle. I also learnt that, I needed to know about the diet intakes as well.  Exercises is my favorite part of getting my body transformed. Understanding of the bodies dietary requirements is as important as undertaking any training or exercise regime. After 2 and a half years I have lost a total of 60kg.  I want to help other people prioritize their goals and decisions and make it come to reality like I did.

advising and coaching

GET FIT AND EAT CLEAN: Is my life now. My advising and coaching a person to make an honest and effective decision that will change a person’s lifestyle from your situation to a better healthier lifestyle. My program provides an experience weight loss story that will inspire your journey.

WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU: As a SPORTS AND NUTRITIONIST.  I will give you all the necessary steps you will need. I will support you,encourage,motivate and inspire you to get to your goal while you put in the hard work of training and exercising and eating clean and healthier.  I will be available to talk to you via phone,On what apps or by email when you need to talk one on one with me. I will help you and support you in times of difficulties, i am in this journey with you throughout.

WHAT YOU WILL GET:•12 weeks of advising and coaching (3 months)•Meal/workout plan•Daily check-in•Supporting in times of difficulties •Encouraging •Motivating• Setting goals
You may have been down this road of journey before. But this time you are in a good journey on a good road. You have real life support system from a real person who has been down this road to a successful destination of achieving a good and real change of good  and healthier lifestyle.  You can do this, I believe in you. You are stronger than you think.

10 Year